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Gutter Guard Contractor

At LG Rain Gutter, we specialize in caring for the exterior of your home by installed quality rain gutter systems. Rain gutters are necessary when it comes to protecting your siding, roof, foundation, and exterior landscaping from water damage. Proper gutter installation is key and our certified contractors do just that.  

We make gutter installation easy and affordable. As a company that specializes in gutters, our contractors are able to buy quality materials for less than it would cost if you bought them on your own. We also stand behind our work, which means you benefit from warranties and professional repairs. Our contractors also take the necessary safety precautions around your home, as working from varying heights poses risks. 

With the purchase of gutter guards you’ll never need to clean out your gutters again! If for some freaky reason they get clogged up again we’ll zoom out to you and clean them at no charge. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the gutters and gutter guards as well! Even if you sell the house you can pass the warranty off to the new owners.

Gutter Guards Work

With an exposed gutter system, it is inevitable that it will catch leaves, dirt, debris from trees, runoff, and other outdoor issues like insects. Vermin are known to make rain gutters their homes, creating nests and breeding. Investing in a quality rain gutter is a great investment because it protects your home from all of these types of issues that will eventually affect the integrity of your home. Leaf gutter guards are a highly effective way to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your gutters and protect your home from damage. 

Advantages of Gutter Guards

When you have gutter guards installed by one of our professional contractors, you can truly benefit from all of the advantages these bring to your home. 

  1. Your need for multiannual maintenance and cleaning of your gutters will be reduced significantly. Even if a small amount of debris somehow finds its way into your rain gutter, it will simply be washed out by rain water. You will not have to deal with clogs or nesting, which is the main reason homeowners have to schedule consistent gutter cleanings. These guards also keep you from having to risk your safety and having to clean the gutters yourself. 
  2. Guards not only keep debris out, they also greatly reduce the risk of damage to your property. A lack of debris prevents water runoff due to clogging, which means water is reliably diverted away from your home. This protects your roof, siding, and foundation. Investing in a new gutter and guards is far less expensive than having to pay for foundation repairs on your home. 
  3. When it comes to cleaning leaves off of the top of gutter guards, we can safely do so using a long brush. There is no need to risk climbing a high ladder. Much of the time, the wind will do most of this leaf removal for you. When leaves are dry, they are easily removed and swept away. 
  4. A professionally installed rain gutter system that also has guards will increase the value of your home. The right gutter can make your home more appealing and provide a lot of protection overall. This is a huge bonus for potential buyers who are looking for a home that does not require a lot of structural work. A quality gutter system is a reflection on the condition of your home. 
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How Do Gutter Guards Work?

These guards are also referred to as cover or screens. They are carefully placed over the top of your rain gutter, thereby preventing anything from getting inside and gathering in a single area. They provide protection to the gutter so that it can easily drain and divert water away from your home. If your home does not have gutter guards, we highly recommend you contact us to consider your options before it is too late. The cost of gutter guards is nothing compared to the damage water can cause to your home. You can cut back on cleaning and maintenance of your rain gutter and have peace of mind knowing your home is protected all year long. To find out more about how to upgrade your home, give LG Rain Gutter a call today. You can also receive an estimate for your home over the phone or by filling out our easy questionnaire on our website. We make installation, cleaning, and repair easy and affordable.

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