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How to get a Fresh Look with New Soffit Fascia!

Replacing your Soffit & Fascia can be a GREAT way to improve the look of your home. Whether you are looking to change colors entirely, or are tired of the worn yet want to keep your same colors, we can help you out!

With over 32 different color options, we are sure to have what you need! The metal we use is powder coated and adheres to the metal much better than regular paint because it is baked on.

We recommend working with a licensed and insured contractor on any project with your home. The last thing you want to do is have a contractor run off with your money and leave you high and dry!


Soffit is a material that is used to protect and cover the underside of your roof’s overhang. It comes in many different materials and finishes, which are chosen based on the style and color of your home. Soffit is responsible for improving ventilation, preventing overheating, protecting your home, and improving the overall aesthetic of your home as well. 

Choosing the Best Soffit for Your Home

Our experts take the time to guide you through choosing the best soffit for your home. Some of the most popular among homeowners include Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Steel, and Fiber Cement. 

Aluminum: This type of soffit is popular because it is such a cost-effective option. Installation is fairly quick also. Since it is such a malleable material, it can be manipulated to fit any home. It is very durable and resistant to cracking or rotting. Aluminum is also non-combustible, meaning it is fireproof. Homeowners also enjoy the low maintenance of this soffit. 

Vinyl: Vinyl is also another cost effective option for homeowners who want a quality product for a price they can afford. Vinyl is highly rated when it comes to creating great insulation for your home. This directly affects the temperature inside your home, keeping your energy bill lower throughout the year. It is also very durable, resistant to rot, and will not chip or crack. It is also very easy to clean and requires very low maintenance. 

Wood: Wood soffit creates a timeless and natural look. It is higher in price and does require added vents for proper circulation. When taken care of properly, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing soffits for a home. Due to wood’s natural properties, it will need to be replaced sooner than materials like vinyl and aluminum. 

Steel: This material is popular based on its extreme durability. It is the most durable option among all of the soffits we install. Steel also comes in a variety of different color options, allowing you to match the color of your home. Although it costs more than soffits like aluminum, it is an investment that will last for years and increase the value of your home. 

Fiber Cement: Cement soffit is available in many different colors and textures. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it can be finished to look exactly like wood grain, but without the cost and maintenance of wood. Fiber cement is durable, fire-resistant, and customizable. It is easily molded, matching any shape or curve of your home. This soffit is also a very eco-friendly option.


Selecting your Fascia & Soffit Colors

I Want New Soffit & Fascia…

When selecting a Fascia & Soffit types there are many things to make sure you do properly. There are many different sizes of fascia & soffit. Do you want vented soffit? Do you know what kind of J-channel you want to use to hold the soffit & fascia in place? Do you have a sloped fascia board? Do you have stepped fascia? These factors need to be considered when selecting soffit & fascia. Otherwise you might be doing your project over again…

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Soffit & Fascia Colors


Fascia are the long boards that run along the lower edge of a roof. It is the finishing edge that attaches to trusses and rafters. It needs to be installed correctly because it holds up a lot of weight, directly affecting the structure of your home. Fascia also prevents water and moisture from getting into your home, which can result in water damage and mold. Fascia boards come in wood, aluminum, vinyl and plastic. 

Wood: This is one the most common types of fascia used. It can be primed and painted to match the style of your home. You can choose from redwood, cedar, spruce, fir and pine. Wood fascia offers a natural beauty to any home. It is water resistant and sturdy. 

Composite: This type of fascia is made from recycled wood ships, sawdust, and plastic that are held together with epoxy resin. Composite fascia has many benefits. It is highly durable and resistant to rot despite extreme weather conditions. It is also easy to install. 

Aluminum: Aluminum fascia is becoming more and more popular among homeowners today. It is a versatile and flexible material and can be used alongside wooden fascia. It is easy to cut and install on any home. The maintenance requirements are very low and it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Vinyl: Vinyl is highly durable and also easier to install than other materials. You can choose from a variety of colors to give a bold or elegant statement for your home. Repair costs and maintenance is low. 

Selecting Vented or Solid Soffit

Vented Soffit allows airflow into your attic, which in turn prevents roof from over heating in the summer, and melting and creating ice dams in the winter. Proper airflow from the soffit out the top of the roof from your turtle vents or ridge vents. It is also recommended that you get adequate insulation in your attic so you are not losing ac in the summer and heat in the winter. Lets keep those utility bills down people!

Vented soffit allows airflow through the attic. It is recommended to have a piece of vented soffit at least every 5-10 feet depending on the look you are going for on your home. In-between the vented soffit you should put Non-vented soffit, or solid soffit.

Fascia Covering

Fascia is the part that is perpendicular to the ground and slides up under the drip edge of the roof. It is also where the gutter gets mounted. Most new homes have a 90 degree piece of soffit straight up and down. This allows gutter to be attached to the fascia without the assistance of gutter hangers. There are several standard sizes of metal fascia coverings. You have the option of 6″ fascia, 8″ fascia, and 10″ fascia. Any sizes that are outside of those 3 options fall in the realm of custom fascia. We can make almost any-size fascia.

When you have fascia that is not 90 degrees, typically seen on homes in the 1980’s and older, you have what is called angled fascia. Then you have fascia that is multi-leveled with extra wood on it. We call this stepped-fascia. We recommend either doing a custom bent piece of fascia, or replacing the wood on the end of your home giving it a 90 degree modern look. This will drastically improve the look of your home and make it so you do not need roof straps on your home to attach the gutter.

Do you have old Wood Soffit?  

If you have old wood soffit, we have an easy solution that allows proper airflow without adding lots of tear-out costs. You will have better airflow in your attic and your roof will thank us for it. Ask us how we do it! 


J-channel gets mounted your home. it is the little piece that holds up the other end of your soffit. This piece always needs replaced when replacing your soffit.

Triple 4 vs Double 6 Soffit

If you have a home in the 1980’s or older, there is a good chance you have double 6 soffit. What that means is that your 1 foot sections of soffit are split into 2 sections of 6 inches each. Newer soffit comes in triple 4 or three 4-foot sections that add up to a foot. Confused yet?

Using the right licensed contractor

As you can tell from the above information, there is a lot to soffit & fascia. Choosing a sub-par contractor can leave you frustrated with incomplete or poorly installed products. Always check licensing and make sure your contractor has good reviews!


Hiring a Professional to Install Soffit and Fascia

When it comes to materials that play such a vital role in protecting your home, hiring one of our professionals is crucial. Our installation experts have extensive safety training that prevents accidents from happening at great heights. Every one of our employees is also licensed and insured, covering any issues of liability. We also have specialized equipment that allow us to perform installs effectively and efficiently. Our experience, equipment and quality materials save you time and money. You can also count on incredible warranties from the manufactures of the soffit and fascia products we install.

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