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At LG Rain Gutter, we work hard to provide your home with the best roofing products available. Creating long-lasting and dependable roofing systems also means we take into account environmental conditions. With changes in weather patterns, and sometimes unpredictable heat waves while we wait for rainfall, finding solutions to the need for water is important. This makes employing a rain collecting system a great option. A partial solution for the increased water demand is rainwater collection, which starts with your gutter system.

Want Rain Collection? We can help

If you are interested in installing rain storage barrels, we can help. These should be placed underneath a downspout nearest to where you want to use the water. For example, if you want extra water for your garden and plants, the barrel should be placed under the downspout closest to this area. If you are having issues with your gutters and need to have more effective downspouts installed, you can rely on LG Rain Gutter to create the best system for your home. 


Depending on your roof’s size and slope, different quantities of water will be collected. A 1-inch rainfall on a 100-square-foot roof may produce around 60 gallons of water, so it’s crucial to plan for overflow. Have a strategy in place to help this excess move away from your house. Finally, pick a barrel based on the volume of water you anticipate gathering. Additionally, you might want to select a barrel that blends in with your house and landscape.

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Connecting Rain Barrel to Downspout

It is important to have a roofing professional connect your rain barrel to your downspout. This must be done correctly to avoid doing damage to your gutters. We make sure the downspout is cut at the right height so that the connection is secure. We can also install a diverter that connects the barrel to the downspout. As an alternative, we can also use a flexible downspout extension.  


Before installing any connections, we take the time to inspect your gutters to make sure they are able to collect rainwater. Your gutters must function properly in order for your rainwater system to perform as planned. The water will not flow if your gutters are not correctly draining to your downspout.

Install Gutter Guards 

Gutter guards allow water to flow unimpeded through your downspouts and gutters. This is because the water is not stopped or backed up by built-up debris or rodent nests. Gutter guards are especially beneficial for any homes that have a rainwater tank, also known as rain barrels. Guards keep water flowing freely and therefore allow your tank to be filled at a much faster rate when it rains. The water gathered in your tank will also be much cleaner because of the lack of debris that comes with it. 

Use Caution

Although rainfall comes from the sky, when it hits your roof and goes through your gutters, it is not safe to drink. It is considered untreated water. You can use this water safely for irrigation in your garden, as long as you wash your vegetables before eating them, as you do any produce you buy from the store. The exception to this is copper gutters. Runoff from copper gutters should not be used on anything you will consume. If you have water in barrels, it is best to use what you have collected within a week or two. Afterwards, odors will begin to increase and algae can grow. 

Benefits of Rain Collection 

Rainwater collection has a lot of benefits. Depending on your water usage, your water costs may be significantly decreased by the usage of the water you collect. Rainwater is a fantastic option for watering your plant because it often contains no hazardous additives. You may reduce stormwater runoff and prepare for water shortages by collecting rainwater. Last but not least, rainwater collecting devices are usually simple to use and maintain.

State Law 

It is important to know that rainwater collection is regulated in the state of Utah. Under Utah law, you can collect two 100-gallon covered storage containers of rainwater without registering with the state. If you plan on collecting more than the allowed 200 gallons, you need to register with the Utah Division of Water Rights. Once registered and approved, you will be able to collect and store up to 2,500 gallons of rainwater. 

Methods for Collecting Rainwater 

Rain Barrels: The cheapest and easiest approach to collect rainwater is using barrels. Simply set up water tanks or barrels underneath your gutter system’s downspouts. For drip irrigation, this tank may be attached to a pipe.

Dry System: A bigger water storage container is used in a dry system. It is necessary to rebuild the gutter system to direct the water to the big storage tank. We can rebuild your gutter system to make this work. 

Wet System: In a wet system, the downspouts are linked to several collection pipelines. These pipelines direct the water into an underground storage tank. To stop water from leaking into the soil, the collecting pipelines must be well maintained and secure. 

Roof Gutters are Important 

The professionals at LG Rain Gutter makes maintaining your system simple. We can inspect your gutters and remove any debris build-up, including the downspouts. We can also help identify any leaks in your gutter system and repair where needed. Signs that your gutter may need to be cleaned include finding puddles near your foundation and black streaks that can be seen on the outside of your gutters. These signs usually point to a clog somewhere in the gutter system, causing them to overflow. Aside from inspecting your home after heavy rainfall, the best time to have your gutters cleaned is in the Fall. 

We make scheduling your cleaning service simple and convenient. You can also get upfront information and quotes by contacting us through our website. Our experienced technicians will get the job done right the first time, protecting your home through the rainy season. If it has been a while since your gutters were professionally cleaned, or you are interested in adding guards to your existing gutters, give us a call today. 

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