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The Results

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Why chose LP SmartSide?

We are excited to provide these products to our customers. WIth a formulated finish, the paint will not fade over time, keeping your siding vibrant. By providing superior manufacturing, low maintenance, enhanced durability, and long term performance we guarantee you will be satisfied with this product.

Benefits of LP SmartSide

Whether it’s a new home or a remodel, LP SmartSide gives any home a new look you can be proud of. Alongside the 30 year warranty, LP SmartSide has a large variety of color choices and textures. This product is made to withstand scratches, strong impacts, extreme strength, severe weather conditions, and resistance to fungal decay and termites. A smart choice for our planet since our products are made out of the must-have sustainable products that have minimal impact on the environment.

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Impact Resistance

After much testing, LP SmartSides products show great resistance against impacts such as everyday bumps and airborne storm debris. LP SmartSide products perform better than vinyl and fiber cement siding which leads to less repairs and results in less waste.

Strength and Durability

Lap siding resisted hail damage better than fiber and vinyl siding. As a matter of fact, LP SmartSide warranty covers up to 1.75” in diameter in hail damage. Lap siding is built to withstand extreme storms with strong winds up to 200 miles per hour.

Fungal Decay and Termite Resistance

Years of testing has been underway in Hilo, Hawaii. With an average of 70 degrees, high humidity, and lots of rainfall makes Hilo the prime location for termites, moisture, and fungal decay. This testing has shown that LP SmartSide continues to satisfy our customers needs and performs over time.

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Siding Options

There are many LP Smart Side colors you can choose from to express yourself and create the home you want.

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