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LG Rain Gutter has continued to serve the Midvale area with quality rain gutter exterior products. Midvale receives an average of 18 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow every year. This amount of water can do major damage to any home that is not equipped with a reliable rain gutter system. We save you both time and money when it comes to purchasing and installing new rain gutters for your home. Not only do we have years of experience when it comes to all things rain gutters, we also stand behind the work we do and the products we install. This means that any work we do is protected and warrantied.

We make scheduling your service simple and convenient. You can also get upfront information and quotes by contacting us through our website. Our experienced technicians will get the job done right the first time, protecting your home through the rainy season. If it has been a while since your gutters were professionally cleaned, or you are interested in adding guards to your existing gutters, give us a call today. We offer various gutter services that are specifically designed to protect and add value to your home. 

With qualified and certified contractors, you can have peace of mind knowing that only high quality products are being correctly installed on your home. All of our employees are ensured and professionally trained for both installation and safety precautions. We are known for  giving our clients the best gutters and gutter guards available that are hand crafted to perfection. 

Gutter Guard Service 

The gutter guards we install save you from having to spend time cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis because they prevent debris from accumulating in the first place. Guards also make it much more difficult for larger rodents to enter the area in the first place. Visually, they are unable to see any available space, making it much less likely for them to try and burrow in. Gutter guards allow water to flow unimpeded through your downspouts and gutters. This is because the water is not stopped or backed up by built up debris or rodent nests. Gutter guards are especially beneficial for any homes that have a rainwater tank. When it comes to the best guards on the market, we always recommend Gutterglove. Manufactured in the U.S., Gutterglove is the Nation’s most trusted gutter guard.

Gutter Cleaning Service 

A clean gutter is one of your best defenses when it comes to protecting your home from damage. Clean gutters allow water to flow away from the foundation of your home into designated areas. Depending on the state of your gutters and the size of your home, our gutter cleaning service usually takes about 1-2 hours to complete. As a homeowner, we know you take great pride in the appearance of your home. Clean gutters ensure that your home will look its absolute best. To protect your home from the inside to the outside, having clean gutters is a necessity. Although major issues can result from clogged and unclean rain gutters, prevention is an easy and affordable step.

New Gutter and Installation Service   

We save you time and money when it comes to purchasing and installing new rain gutters on your home. Gutter systems are not one size fits all. Choosing the right size rain gutter system for your home is a crucial first step. A gutter needs to be large enough to drain all rain water away from your home. We determine the correct size of the rain gutter based on the size and pitch of your roof. Our technicians also know that gutters need to be installed a few inches below your roofline to be the most effective when it comes to preventing water damage to your siding and fascia. We know how important it is to provide you with the highest quality materials at a price you can afford. Our varying options of products may differ in price, but never in quality. 

Permanent Holiday LED Lighting Service   

Installation of permanent holiday lighting has become a popular request among our customers. With this lighting system, you will never have to go through the hassle of putting up and taking down lights ever again.  Having one of our experienced contractors install permanent lighting will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other important matters, especially during the busy holiday season. The great thing about these lights is that installation is a one time service and you will never have to take them down again. Permanent lighting also adds significant value to your home. This system adds to the overall aesthetic of your home and also increases its safety features. Many security experts recommend having a well-lit area around your home for safety reasons. Lighting deters and prevents vandalism, trespassing, and burglary. Your kids and family will love seeing the house light up at the push of a button and can really make any occasion special by changing the colors and patterns. 

To find out more about the services and products we offer, call us today. You can also request a free estimate through our website.